Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blog Post 3

Got to count bird eggs today. Went to a closed off beach where Plovers, Les Tern, and Oyster catchers go to lay their eggs. You would think they would lay their eggs in a high location to in a high location for protection against predators, but it is actually the exact opposite. They actually make a little nest in/on the beach sand, with very minimal to no decoration at all; for the most part completely concealing the eggs in the natural environment. To make it even harder, the eggs them self are a blackish white pigment, helping them blend in as well. It was our job to cautiously walk up and down the beach while meticulously watching for eggs in 5 groups of 3-4. The birds would even try to divert are attention when we got close to their eggs, by either dive-bombing near us or even pretending to nest in a false location. Overall, we managed to find up to 50-60 eggs as a team.

Jesse, Esqueda 

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