Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today I Hit My Left Eye With A Headphone 2.5mm Connector

Today I Hit My Left Eye With A Headphone 2.5mm Connector

That's not really relevant to this blog. I just thought it'd be a good attention grabber. Did it work?

Anyway, today I went kayaking. We went out for about two hours.

A good halfway through, we stopped at a shore with a lot of fiddler crabs on it.

We picked them up, and they didn't attempt to pinch us! Apparently, fiddler crabs don't actually try and pinch often, as their claws are for show (mating) not for actual pinching. They were around half an inch long. Some were, at most, an inch long. They were adorable!

We then kayaked back to the start, and I ordered a Coca-Cola using my Spanish! Two years of language class put to good use, baby! I got a soda!

The restaurant owners had a cat. I tried to pet it, and he walked away.
They also had a dog. I tried to pet him.
He, too, walked away from me. The jerk!

We then tried oysters. I slurped one up, only to realize it was raw. Oops?
It actually tasted pretty decent. Not good, but decent.

I tried a few more. Just to confirm they truly were decent, you see! N-not that they were good or anything.
They were totally terrible!

...Okay, fine. They were actually pretty good.

After the raw oysters, we tried some pickled fish tacos. Those were good, but the real treat was the stingray tacos. Those were phenomenal.

Then I went back over to the cat and tried to pet it again. It walked away once more.

Oh well.

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  1. Awesome! wish I had tried the sting ray tacos, they looked pretty yummy!