Sunday, May 22, 2016

Oyster Suprise

Oyster Suprise

Today we got up at 6:30 to drive to yet another tidepool.

This beach, however, was rocky, and required us to walk about a mile on a flat, rocky terrain to get to the low-tide waterline.

We eventually got to the waterline and found quite a few interesting sea creatures! I found a few oysters, some sponges, and a few tiny crabs.

One of the more interesting finds was revealed when Glenn noticed that the clams weren't entirely shut all the way. He pried open the oyster to find an OCTOPUS inside!
This octopus's head was about three inches long, and it had quite a few eggs inside the oyster. Glenn thought this was its eggs.

On a whim, I asked if the other clam had something weird in it, too, as it was partially opened as well. Sure enough, Glenn pried it open, and inside was another octopus with eggs, yet this one's eggs were hatching!

We saw a few baby octopuses drop into the bottom of the oyster shell, cooed over how cute they were, then threw both oysters and their residents back into the water.

We had a very fun and rewarding tidepool adventure!

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