Friday, May 20, 2016

Sandy beach, low tide

Hey Marine life lovers,
Early this morning students went out to the great blue and explored the open intertidals, filled with a mixture of soft sediment and rocky zones. In each sediment we found anamzing invertebrates and some vertebrates.

As the sun was rising the tide was falling and many creative where being exposed to the dangers of the surface. Most creatures are adapted to liking in a small tide pool, where there is a tempature change, limited space and more. As I walked down to the beach I saw all the amazing specimens that live in the intertidals. 

Many Porifera (sponges) were attached to rocks in shady areas. 

The only Cnidarians I discovered were the sea anemone hiding under rocks and in tide pools with a decent amount of moisture in order to them to servive. 

Many worms where found in the  tides along with star fish!
The three types we observed where brittle stars, 

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  1. Looks like a great trip! We're sharing the pic of the students and the pic of the starfish on MCC's Facebook and Instagram pages! Sally Mesarosh