Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some notes on the culture

It is truly amazing how different the U.S. and Mexico are for being such close neighbors. Some noteworthy differences were:
 -prices are often negotiable
-the pipe diameters are smaller in Mexico, so no paper in the toilets!
-You can still get a coca-cola, but other sodas like root beer are nowhere to be found. Instead there are sodas with fresher fruit flavors like apple and grapefruit
-pesos are used instead of U.S. currency, but luckily in the area we were almost everyone accepted U.S. currency
-instead of people begging for money on traffic corners, there were street performers and window washers looking for tips

overall it was a truly enlightening cultural experience. I feel like it is so important to go experience Mexico especially when there seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding it in the media. The people are friendly and helpful even when there is a language barrier to work around. The food was amazing, lots of emphasis on sweet and spicy with alot of traditional influence.
It is hard to summarize and entire culture and my experiences of it, but it was a life-changing experience. I hope to go back someday soon to learn even more about the culture and the biology.

-April Pardee

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